PPG Group Members

Chairman  – Abdullah Taleb

Hi, my name is Abby and I am the Chairman of the PPG.

As a patient of the practice I look for prompt availability of appointment, access to minor procedures and making the public aware of the opening hours, specifically at evenings and the weekends.

I got involved with PPG due to my complex health issues, I have had to avail myself of the many facilities offered by the practice, I therefore want to assist to promote the practice, to help the improvement of the general health of the patients.

As a member of the PPG we try to identify matters that may improve the appearance of the practice, and recognise where improvements can be made to assist patients. For example with the attendance of the appointment, by recognising people with learning, sight and mobility problems. To assist the Doctors and all staff in making the Eric Moore a centre of excellence for all the patients, also in communicating the views of the patients.

In the preceding years, I have been involved in the PTA, Community Association and Chair of Governors at the local high school, so I am relatively known in the area. I therefore think, that where a patient has an issue, with the practice, they will feel comfortable to approach me to air any concerns they may have.

Secretary – Judith Quick

Hello My Name is Judi,

The PPG consists of a group of patients and GP practice staff who meet to discuss both practice issues and patient experience in order to improve and enhance the services currently provided.

Being a patient but also having 40+years as a senior clinical manager in the NHS I hope that I can make a useful contribution to the group. I do have a keen interest in health awareness and patient education and information.

Lynne Keoghan

My Name is Lynne and I have been a member of the Eric Moore Partnership PPG group for around 5 years.

As a patient of the practice I want to get efficient, professional, empathetic, accessible, prompt service.

I am involved with the PPG as I like to have an input to the above, share ideas, get updates on surgery practices. The members are friendly too.

We have regular meetings to discuss topics relevant to the NHS and discuss ways of improving (where necessary) patient experience at the practice.

Eileen Simons

John Brown 

Newton Henry

Carole Davies