The Medi Centre, Warrington

The Medi Centre, Warrington: Welcome to one of the newest and perhaps most “connected” community based healthcare premises in England.

The Medi Centre, Warrington is a state of the art, world class healthcare premises in the town centre of Warrington.

This building is not only the main site of the Eric Moore Partnership Medical Practice, but also has been built with a view to host an array of complex specialist services and investigations in the community, closer to your homes that otherwise would have meant a visit to the hospital.

In addition to GP, Nurses and Healthcare Assistants consulting rooms, associated administrative facilities and offices, the new facility also has the ability to support :

  1. Complex surgery – through its advanced day case surgical theatre suite 
  2. Hosting specialists clinics with complex medical equipment as required
  3. A Cardio-Respiratory investigations suite – ECGs, 24 hour BP and 24 hour ECGs and Echocardiograms
  4. A phlebotomy room
  5. Electronically monitored emergency care room/facilities 
  6. A room that has has the ability to conduct Xrays
  7. Ultrasound scans in the community
  8. An MRI scanner docking station in the car park.
  9. Patient exercise rooms/group therapy sessions.
  10. A-V Room for secure video consultations with multiple clinicians and patients
  11. Meeting rooms for healthcare professionals
  12. The Medi Centre is easily accessible from Warrington bus station and central train station, both of which are a 2 minutes walk. In addition the facility offers free parking for our patients with appointments.

As part of supporting the future vision of evolving healthcare services, The Medi Centre, Warrington, shall work with local commissioners and healthcare partners in supporting and hosting advance services in the community, with an overall aim of enhancing the health and wellbeing needs of the local community.

The facility has free WiFi and a Learning/Drawing area for children/toddlers as well as advanced technology enabled self monitoring units for self measurements of BP, Height, Weight and BMI that directly transmits the results to your patient record for registered patients. 

Its connectivity allows video consultations, virtual receptionists to greet patients in some sections of the building and a 24 hour externally controlled surveillance and monitoring of the premises