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January 2024 Results

Patients Comments
I was respected and appropriate advice was given
Rang when they said they would. Very Reassuring
Best care I’ve every had
The Doctors are very good, helpful and patient
Very helpful and understanding. I can trust the practice 100%
I phoned up then got referred to PATCHS, so I filled that in and got an AM appointment which i could not attend. The message says to call the doctors to rearrange the appointment. I spoke with the same person I spoke to the first time and they rearranged my appointment to the afternoon over the phone. It just seems like a waste of time for everybody when they could have done that on the first phone call.
I was happy with the support and care I got. Thank you.
Dr Mariscal is always helpful.
Although getting my blood test arranged was lengthy the practice did their best to speed up the process and order all bloods that were required.
Highly competent nurse clinician
Dr Chig was very thorough and explained what was to be done.
I had my appointment and went well
Always been satisfied with Eric Moore Medical Practice and staff
Doctor was helpful
Always get an efficient response
Good because that is what I think
The reception and Doctors respond very fast

December 2023 Results

Patients Comments
I can always get an appointment when needed with a GP who is knowledgeable and compassionate
Very quick call back from doctor after initial call
Prompt doctors appointment, thorough examination
Cannot see doctor
No waiting, good clear advice given with a follow up
Phone when he said he would and everything sorted
Didn’t have to wait long and service was good
Not happy
Doctor listened to me and cared foe my needs
Prompt response, efficient and helpful service
It was really easy to ring up and book an appointment. I was able to get an appointment the next day. The receptionist was very polite and helpful. In the past they have not been polite of helpful.
Great staff
Doctor gave clear and concise information on test results
The service is always timely and reassuring
Responded quickly with the answer I wanted.
Whilst my recent experience was great with the diabetic team, overall somethings need to change. Some staff are rude, unhelpful, don’t understand what being said, wrong information given to people and at times wrong medication.
The doctor and the nurse are very nice and professional

November 2023 Results

Patients Comments
Prompt action
The doctor explained my illness an the next steps in detail. Very thorough.

October 2023 Results

Patients Comments
Staff were really kind and compassionate, going the extra mile for patients
Always helpful and easy to speak to a doctor when needed
Was vey quick on answering the phone, took time to ask my symptoms and booking an appointment
Listened and told me how it was
Everyone is so pleasant and caring
The practice dealt with my inquiry quickly and efficiently
Luckily the person who answered my call got me an appointment that day but I was told it was a one off and I would have to go online to book a consultation next time. If this is the case, I would have been in trouble because I had a urine infection that I had tried to treat myself over the weekend. I had large amounts of blood in my urine and was in pain, nothing I took would help. I have a regular problem getting an appointment when this reoccurs trying to get a same day appointment.
MRI explained fully.
They responded to my request very quickly and have an appointment arranged to suit my availability.
The doctor explained the illness and how it affects me in detail, the next steps and was very thorough.
Prompt action

September 2023 Results

Patients Comments
Always helpful and eConsult picked up quickly and always had communication back within 2 working days
Good Service
Quick to help me and had no problems
The staff are friendly and helpful and listen to what I need to say
Phone system and staff answering the phone call to me was very good
Punctuality of appointment, all questions discussed and answered
Polite and friendly, very helpful
Struggle to get appointment
Good overall service from receptionist to doctor, no complaints whatsoever
Excellent care from Dr Mariscal

August 2023 Results

Patients Comments
Friendly and not a long wait
Good service
Well looked after and explained everything
I saw a lovely doctor who really listened to what I said, he was very understanding.
Polite and friendly, very helpful
Good overall service from receptionist to doctor. No complaints whatsoever.
Struggle to get appointment
My prescriptions are always wrong. Can never get appointments

July 2023 Results

Patients Comments
Very thoughtful and caring doctor looking after me
The doctor was efficient.
I never have to wait for long to hear from you after I’ve made the initial enquiry.
I hope to use GP app to application for prescription
There wasn’t a long phone queue and there were available appointment for that day. I was seen on time and treated with care.
Very good.
Had a response within the hour by a doctor, who listened to my concerns and a prescription was given. Also got a notification that my prescription had been sent to the chemist
The doctor was quick to ring me and book me a same day appointment for 2 hours after the call. Was in there 5 minutes.
Was seen quickly – clean waiting area.
Dr Mahmood was very understanding and reassuring. he explained everything clearly and I’m happy with the ongoing care he is arranging for me. THANK YOU.
She was a professional
Friendly, polite and helpful people. The GP had time for me
No reason
Helpful for the surgery to get QOF points but no help to me, phone consultation 4 hours late and inconvenient.

June 2023 Results

Patients Comments
Staff are always courteous and very helpful. Medication received on day stated.
Very attentive medical staff made me and my 1 year old feel at ease.
one is treated correctly by all concerned at the practice from reception to the staff carrying out the treatment. Whether it is advice or practical. they always have time for a person.
Good doctors.
You staff go above and beyond to help their patients. Very knowledgeable and if they don’t know the answer they will find it. Quick easy appointments available.
Very efficient, almost immediate appointment, friendly doctor.
GP very helpful
Pleased with recent doctors phone call.
Had 3 missed calls from you so called back, receptionist said there is nothing on your notes so come for your appointment at 4.10pm. Turned up for appointment then was told the appointment had been cancelled.

May 2023 Results

Patients Comments
I was treated with respect and dignity. The doctor that saw me made me feel valued and listed to my medical problem/situation.
Very efficient, almost immediate appointment, friendly doctor.
Was dealt with promptly at both reception and with my doctors appointment

April 2023 Results

Patients Comments
Very Helpful
I felt I wasn’t being listened too properly
I have has issues with eConsults that have been submitted being received and actioned. I am high risk of severe infection due to being immune compromised and was told I would have to wait until the following day for an appointment. It was only when I complained i got a same day appointment and it turned out I had pneumonia in both lungs and was very unwell. Furthermore for my follow up appointment I was seen by a junior doctor who had no knowledge of my medical history and told me that I was now fine and needed no more treatment. Luckily my son had an appointment immediately after so I asked for a second opinion and he said I absolutely needed further antibiotics as I had a very serious infection.
Excellent response from the surgery after doing an eConsult but the doctor was extremely unconcerned about a different issue that my ear infection. I told him I was under stress at home and at the time of my visit was experiencing chest pains and tingling in my arms, I thought he maybe could of took my blood pressure or a calming word of advice but nothing, just your prescription will be sent to your pharmacy. What happened to a caring GP