Home Visits 

Home visits can be offered by the clinicians at the Eric Moore Partnership. However, they are purely limited to the housebound elderly, disabled or very infirm, bed bound patients.

If transport is a problem, Dial A Ride Services would offer drop-off and pick-up service to the practice for a small charge. Please ring the practice for more details and numbers.

If a visit is genuinely required, please call the surgery (before 11am) on 01925 303199 and give all details pertaining to the reason for the visit request. A doctor or a nurse may ring back to discuss the request further. Please note that the decision to visit will be down to the initial telephone assessment undertaken by the GP or Nurse Clinician. Please ensure that a phone number is available and is attended to at all times till the clinician calls back or visits.

At certain times, there may be instances when visits may be refused due to past safety issues/incidents at the address where visit has been requested for or with individual.

In a medical emergency, patients should ring 999 to request an urgent ambulance and not ring for a surgery visit as visits are usually performed whenever the doctors are free and this may be anytime between 13:00 and 18:00 or later. During Out of Hours for Medical Illnesses – ring 111.

We believe that the normal place to see a doctor/Nurse Clinician is at the surgery where we have all the equipment and facilities. In addition, we can normally see three to four ill patients at the surgery in the time needed for one house call. We have a separate waiting area with a couch for infirm or unwell patients to lie on with seating for their carers whilst waiting to be seen. In addition, they will usually be seen more quickly and given priority over other patients if unwell.

Non-urgent advice: Times

Home visits may take place between 12:30 pm and 3pm or after the evening surgery between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm depending on how busy the day is and based on other priorities.