Specialist referrals that are initiated by the practice 

Introducing WRAG (Warrington Referral Assistance Gateway)

If a GP or another member of our health care team believes you need hospital treatment or specialist care elsewhere, they will agree with you on a referral to an external healthcare or specialist team.

They shall do the referral letter and this is passed on electronically to the Warrington Referral Assistance Gateway Team (WRAG) who shall contact you and discuss a suitable time and place and choice of provider/hospitals for you to access and fulfil the referral. The number for the WRAG team is 01925377520.

Please note once a referral is made and sent from the practice, the WRAG team deal with all elements of the referral. Spoils contact the number and they shall support you with any queries on the referral.

For more details of WRAG

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WRAG – Warrington Referral Assistance Gateway

Remember – as an NHS Patient, under the NHS CHOICE agenda, it is your right to have access to a choice of specialists services from both the NHS and Private Sector Healthcare Providers that serve our local area.

Popular options for our patients along with their NHS Choices reviews include :

1. Warrington and Halton NHS Foundation Trust – Our Local NHS Hospital Trust (Check which site you will be seen at as Halton can take up to 30 minutes to get to from North Warrington)

2. SPIRE CHESHIRE – Private Hospital at Stretton – which also has contracts to see NHS Patients (20 minutes from North Warrington)

3. Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (Award winning NHS Hospital Trust) – Down the M62- 30 minutes from North Warrington

4. St Helens and Knowsley NHS foundation Trust (20-30 minutes from North Warrington)

5. Wigan, Wrightington and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (within 30 minutes of North Warrington by Road)

6. Ramsay health Oaklands Hospital (Private Large Nationwide Australian Specialist Provider offering NHS patients Services) at Salford

7.The Royal Liverpool NHS Hospitals Trust (30 minutes by car from North Warrington)

In addition to the above – there are a multitude of NHS Hospitals that you can choose from across the region and indeed from across the country. Though the ratings above may all be variable, certain specialities shine far better than the others in each hospital or trust, speak to the GP who makes the referral or look up the NHS Choices site for more details.

Ask the WRAG team or operator for a choice of available appointments from the different providers and pick the one that is soonest and most accessible, convenient for you.

Do read the reviews, but they can vary week by week!