Eric Moore Partnership Medical Practice Becomes a Dementia Friend

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We are thrilled to announce that Eric Moore Partnership Medical Practice has taken a significant step towards fostering a dementia-friendly community by becoming a Dementia Friend. This initiative, spearheaded by the Alzheimer’s Society, aims to reshape perceptions and attitudes surrounding dementia.


Key Messages:

1. Dementia is not a natural part of ageing: One of the most important messages to remember is that dementia is not an inevitable part of growing old. While the risk of developing dementia does increase with age, it is not a normal aspect of the aging process.

2. Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain: Contrary to popular belief, dementia is not a single disease but rather a collective term for a range of brain disorders. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, but other conditions such as vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, and frontotemporal dementia can also lead to similar symptoms.

3. Dementia affects more than just memory: While memory loss is a hallmark symptom of dementia, the condition can impact various cognitive functions, including thinking, communication, and the ability to carry out everyday tasks. People living with dementia may experience difficulties with problem-solving, decision-making, and understanding language.

4. It’s possible to live well with dementia: A diagnosis of dementia does not mean the end of a fulfilling life. With the right support, treatment, and understanding, many individuals continue to lead meaningful and enjoyable lives despite their diagnosis. Maintaining social connections, engaging in stimulating activities, and accessing appropriate healthcare services can all contribute to a better quality of life for those living with dementia.

5. There’s more to a person than dementia: It’s essential to recognize that a diagnosis of dementia does not define a person. Each individual living with dementia has a unique identity, personality, and life story that extends beyond their condition. By focusing on the person rather than the dementia, we can promote dignity, respect, and person-centered care for all.

Dementia is often misunderstood as a natural consequence of aging. However, it is crucial to recognize that it is caused by diseases of the brain. Contrary to common misconceptions, dementia goes beyond memory loss; it can profoundly impact an individual’s cognitive abilities, communication skills, and everyday tasks.

As a Dementia Friend, Eric Moore Partnership Medical Practice is committed to advocating for awareness and understanding of dementia within our community. We believe in the importance of dispelling myths and stigma surrounding the condition, emphasizing that it is possible to live well with dementia. At our practice, we recognize that each person is more than their diagnosis, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate care that respects their individuality and dignity.

Our decision to become a Dementia Friend aligns with our core values of inclusivity, compassion, and community engagement. We understand the significance of creating a supportive environment for individuals living with dementia and their families, where they feel valued, understood, and empowered.

Join us in supporting this meaningful initiative by spreading awareness and challenging misconceptions about dementia. Together, we can create a more compassionate and dementia-friendly society where everyone feels accepted and supported.

Stay tuned for updates on our efforts to promote dementia awareness and initiatives within our practice and community. Together, let’s make a positive impact and improve the lives of those affected by dementia.

Thank you for your support and commitment to building a more inclusive and understanding community.