Changes to GPs in Care Homes – Enhanced Healthcare in Care Homes

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Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in Warrington have been working hard to implement the PCN ‘Enhanced Healthcare in Care Homes’.

What is a Primary Care Network (PCN)?

It is a group of GP practices working together to improve the health of people by working at scale. One example of such work is proactive patient care in our care homes. There are 5 PCNs in Warrington.

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What is the change? 

The idea behind the changes in the care home is to put more emphasis on proactive care, which means that everyone will have a personalised care and support plan.

Why is change needed? 

Patients whilst they are living at home will be registered with their GP practice. Currently, if a patient needs to move into a care home, they will keep that same registered GP, no matter which PCN in Warrington their care home is located in. This means each care home will have many different GP practices to discuss care plans of their residents, making such work difficult. GPs will find forming a good working relationship difficult with many different care homes. Having a PCN aligned to a care home allows care homes and GPs to work effectively and regularly together, leading to better care for the patients.

Each Primary Care Network (PCN) within Warrington, of which there are five, will have their own procedures – creating an inefficient and time consuming process for patients.

So what is the solution? 

The ambition is to move all residents to practices within the same PCN as the care home. PCNs will organise a regular Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting with each care home to help formulate a care plan for their residents.

What do the changes mean? And what are the benefits to staff and patients? 

Making these changes means that health professionals will be able to focus solely on one PCN and in turn, enable residents to have their important proactive care and personalised support plans. The patients will also benefit by input from several different health professionals in the MDT. Care home staff will also notice a more joined-up and cohesive relationship with local GP practices and PCNs.

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