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Weight Management – Weight Loss Injections

Ozempic® is a new drug licensed for use in the NHS.

Currently the NHS prescribing license for Ozempic® is for people with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes only, meaning that Ozempic® cannot currently be prescribed for weight management on the NHS.

When Ozempic® does become available to be prescribed for weight management purposes, we expect it will be offered as a treatment option at specialist weight management services only, as extra support will be offered in the other lifestyle elements which are important for successful weight loss.

Decisions regarding suitability for Ozempic® are expected to be the responsibility of the specialist weight management service, so as a GP practice we will not be able to prescribe this for you.

As the guidance is updated and this medication becomes available for weight management, we will be happy to consider referring you to the specialist weight management services locally, providing that you to meet the criteria for referral and ongoing NHS weight management treatment.

Please do contact us again if, at such a time as the guidelines are updated by the NHS, you wish to begin the referral process.

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